Meat and Seafood


Ramiro Estrella - Manager Fallbrook -

Renee Hallowell - Manager Escondido -

Major Market proudly features a wide variety in it's full service meat case.  This includes a number of prepared items such as k-bobs and stuffed pork chops as well as homemade meatloaf.

Check out these great products as well

  • Live Main Lobsters                                                                                                             
  • Live Alaskan Crabs
  • Fresh seafood from the Seven Seas
  • Certified Wild American Shrimp – chemical free from Louisiana
  • Aged Chairman’s Reserve USDA Choice Beef
  • Aged Prime Beef, cut to order
  • USDA Choice Lamb
  • American Milk Fed Veal
  • We grind our Fresh Ground Beef several times daily
  • ‘Quick, Easy, Tasty’ entrees made on site
  • European Sausages – our own recipes made fresh daily
  Available Now Local Grass-Fed Beef

Born and raised in the vibrant, oak-lined pasture meadows of Palomar mountain, our cattle feed and graze on what cows are supposed to eat – native, sustainable California grasses. After about a year, and once they’ve grown to the proper size and age, at their own pace, our cows are moved to our family-owned finishing ranch, where they continue to feed on even more native, natural, organic grasses. 

Our cattle are a Black Angus/Hereford cross, specifically bred, and perfectly suited for the mountain landscape. We work with our own genetic herd, and unlike some others, we process only steers, we keep the bulls for breeding consistency, and we do not use retired dairy cows. The difference this commitment makes translates to a more consistent, and incredible tasting beef on the plate

We’ve partnered with our good friends and local family ranchers who oversee 14,000+ acres of prime grazing land, and we retain strict control over the conditions, the feed, and the AWA Certified humane treatment of the animals through the entire process.

No hormones. No antibiotics. No corn. Simple as that. The result of this commitment is responsibly raised beef of the highest quality, unmatched flavor and many health benefits. It’s no coincidence that when we let our cows live like they’re meant to – locally, responsibly, and humanely – the taste is richer and the meat is healthier.

More than a Market .....Experience the Difference!